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Building a foundation of financial integrity, transparency and credibility for operators and investors navigating opportunity in cannabis and impacted industries.

Empowering the Future of Cannabis

ELLO Capital was founded by a team of investment bankers and financial analysts focused on providing the cannabis industry, and industries related to or impacted by cannabis, with financial and investment banking services.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has undergone significant growth as new markets have opened across North America and throughout the world. Cannabis companies are emerging to serve these markets and evolving into sophisticated enterprises, many with vertically integrated operations that span borders. Capital is the fuel that drives growth and innovation in cannabis and there is an increasing need for experienced guides, trained in traditional finance and transaction structuring, who can help the cannabis industry achieve responsible, sustainable growth. The investment bankers and analysts at ELLO Capital have decades of experience closing transactions worth millions of dollars and combine that knowledge with deep cannabis industry insight and dedication to integrity, transparency and credibility.

The cannabis industry is currently undergoing a consolidation phase as fast-growing enterprises seek out partnerships and acquisition targets to gain highly sought after licenses and expand operations. Today’s mergers and acquisitions are shaping the future leaders of the cannabis industry. ELLO Capital brings a combination of technical expertise facilitating transactions and years of experience working within the cannabis industry. Through services like due diligence, valuation and transaction negotiation, our team supports transactions that deliver value and strengthen organizations.

As the cannabis sector evolves and grows, other traditional industries are feeling the impact. Hemp and CBD have already had an effect on the health and beauty industries, as CBD has grown into a global health phenomenon. Business and investors in industries like food and beverage and hospitality and retail have begun making their own investments in cannabis to diversify portfolios and the range of their products. The team at ELLO Capital brings significant familiarity with these industries and acts as a bridge, connecting cannabis with impacted industries, so both sides can make responsible, sustainable investments and business decisions.

Allies you can rely on

The MGO | ELLO Alliance provides a collaborative professional services offering that delivers world-class financial, tax, investment banking and advisory services focused on empowering cannabis operators and investors to achieve their business goals. The Alliance partners have proudly led the charge to develop and implement financial and operational best practices that instill transparency, responsibility and legitimacy for the cannabis industry.

Our collaborative cannabis practice allows us to provide clients with a holistic, all-in-one approach. With over 400 cannabis industry clients, the MGO | ELLO Alliance are leading the effort to bring scalable, responsible business practices to the cannabis marketplace. Together we offer a complete suite of proven solutions that help cannabis enterprises, investors, and government agencies navigate the unique challenges of the cannabis industry.

Our services are aligned and support one another in an effort to address the specific needs, obstacles and opportunities our cannabis clients face throughout the business lifecycle. Through the Alliance we offer guidance on all aspects of this evolving industry and provide practical solutions to complex challenges.

For Accounting and Advisory services provided by MGO, visit mgocpa.com.

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