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Our team of investment bankers and analysts provide diverse financial and transactional expertise across a broad range of industries, including all cannabis sub-sectors, ancillary cannabis, and the health and consumer industries impacted by cannabis.


As cannabis evolves into a multi-billion dollar global industry, today’s cannabis companies and investors are shaping the future of the sector.

ELLO Capital provides guidance across the cannabis supply chain. Our services for cultivators, retailers, distributors and vertically-integrated and multi-state operations are focused on maximizing value through sustainable growth.

Hemp & CBD

The legalized cultivation of industrial hemp has opened the doors to the next major agricultural commodity. The commercial, industrial and medicinal uses of hemp, and cannabis by-product CBD, have significant potential.

Whether diversifying your portfolio, acquiring competitors, raising capital to launch new product lines, or planning for the future, ELLO Capital can help.

Business Services

The ecosystem of ancillary (or “non-plant touching”) products and services emerging to serve and support the cannabis industry represent a promising business and investment opportunity.

ELLO Capital facilitates capital raises and M&A transactions in support of technology, accessory manufacturing, media, and professional services companies seeking to achieve the next stage of growth.

Food & Beverage

Edibles and infused beverages are a large and fast-growing segment of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, with potential to significantly disrupt the food and beverage sector.

Food and beverage companies and investors need to act fast to gain strategic market advantage. ELLO Capital has the experience and services to get there.

Beauty & Personal Care

CBD has a wide range of health benefits and has already made an impact on the beauty and personal care sector, appearing in everything from body lotion to mascara.

ELLO Capital has the financial and transactional experience to guide companies as they incorporate CBD into existing products, or launch new CBD product lines.

Hospitality & Retail

As the cannabis regulatory environment evolves, the emergence of consumption lounges and cannabis-themed hospitality experiences will have a growing impact on the hospitality industry.

Navigating the acquisition of licenses and new market entry requires dedicated financial guidance. ELLO Capital is here to help.


The opening of medical research into cannabis and cannabinoids has resulted in the first FDA-approved cannabis-derived drug, and the possibility that more will come.

Cannabis has the potential to shake up the entrenched global pharma industry. With support from ELLO Capital, companies and investors acting now have the opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

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