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We provide an optimal mix of industry expertise and financial proficiency to deliver a solid foundation of investment banking services to the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

We empower cannabis enterprises, investors, and impacted businesses to achieve the next stage of industry growth.

Our investment bankers and advisors combine cannabis industry knowledge with experience in finance and investing, proficiency in transaction structuring and execution, and an extensive network of lenders and investors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As the cannabis industry consolidates, M&A decisions made now are determining the future of the sector. Whether assessing targets for an acquisition, or preparing to merge or sell a company or assets, ELLO Capital provides M&A advisory support for negotiations, deal structuring, and transaction execution. Our access to industry players and investors drives efficient processes and favorable deals.


Raising Capital

Ready access to capital is essential for companies seeking to accelerate growth and secure market share. ELLO Capital galvanizes equity and debt issuances for sector leaders by shaping compelling investment stories and identifying high quality investors ready to deploy resources. As a well-capitalized and independent boutique investment bank, we provide total access to suitable lenders and investors, and structure terms and transactions to maximize value.


Strategic Advisory

As organizations evolve into sophisticated entities, they must plan carefully to achieve desired goals. ELLO Capital provides advisory solutions designed focused on accelerating growth and achieving liquidity for management and investors. By working with clients’ long-term goals, we identify avenues for growth and provide financial and market analysis that supports development, acquisition, or partnership strategies.


Restructuring and Special Situations

In times of economic upheaval even the most prepared organizations risk falling behind if they cannot keep up with the pace of change. No matter how dire the circumstances there are always options to restructure and emerge from distress stronger than ever. ELLO Capital offers a suite of advisory services focused on helping distressed companies, credit constituencies, and equity investors stabilize and preserve value in times of uncertainty.


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