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Raising Capital

Capital raising solutions that achieve strategic goals and spur growth throughout the cannabis business lifecycle.

Raising the Capital that Fuels Success.

Ready access to capital is essential for companies seeking to accelerate growth and secure market share. ELLO Capital galvanizes equity and debt issuances for sector leaders by shaping compelling investment stories and identifying high quality investors ready to deploy resources. As a well-capitalized and independent boutique investment bank, we provide access to suitable lenders and investors, and structure terms and transactions to maximize value.

Perspective from the “Best of Both Worlds”

As cannabis enterprises seek to attain the next phase of growth, many industry leaders find themselves working with investors and lenders that are not familiar with the nuances of cannabis. ELLO Capital bridges this gap with a team of investment bankers and analysts who’ve spent years on Wall Street and in traditional financial institutions, and who are now focused on the emerging cannabis industry.

With a service approach rooted in the principles of integrity, transparency and credibility, ELLO Capital facilitates connections between cannabis companies with financial institutions ready to deploy capital so all parties can build a sustainable future together.

Services Include

Private Placement

Selling securities to a select group of investors can be a less complex alternative to going public or other capital raising options. ELLO Capital facilitates private placements by working with cannabis companies to shape compelling investment stories and connect them high quality investors ready to deploy resources.

Debt Advisory

ELLO Capital advises and supports companies seeking tailored funding solutions for new or existing projects, or restructuring existing debt. We provide strategic guidance on funding models, connect companies to suitable lenders, and structure optimal terms and transactions.


Going public can have great potential for raising capital, but also comes with significant pressure and responsibility to regulators and shareholders. ELLO Capital and the various entities within the ELLO Cannabis Business Ecosystem, can help cannabis enterprises weigh the benefits and downsides, and can support the transaction with services that span market intelligence and strategy, accounting and financial support.

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